Beslogic Wants to Help Others With Technology

Beslogic Wants to Help Others With Technology

Any organization or individual with a project that intends to improve the human condition and that could benefit from technological tools to help it in its caring mission, is invited to present it to the Beslogic team. Whether it is in the field of environment, health, sustainable development or accommodation, the company is committed to choosing a project that will serve humanity and to develop the desired tool in collaboration with the organization or the initiator of the project.


Advances in technology are serving people and businesses every day in even more ways. For nearly 15 years, Beslogic has been helping its clients simplify and optimize their operations. The management team, headed by its president Yannick Bessette, is also aware of how fortunate they are to be at the head of a flourishing company. In the same way that Beslogic helps its clients, it wants to give back and support an organization or project by doing what it does best: developing technologies.

"Every day, we take on challenges, breaking down barriers, in the spirit of collaboration with our clients. That's what we'd like to do with this humanitarian project: fulfill the wishes of an organization to help push the envelope. We put people at the heart of our technological mission," says Yannick Bessette, president.

Whatever the project or cause, whether it is environmental, health or social, Beslogic will lend the expertise and values of its organization to bring it to fruition: authenticity, fun, empathy, ingenuity and commitment.


For Beslogic, co-creation is an effective way to innovate and improve the customer experience. The company relies on collective intelligence every day. Not only does it intend to use its BesTeam to work on this philanthropic project, but it also wants to invite all companies to work together with it. Together, without competition, in the spirit of mutual support, camaraderie and knowledge sharing, these minds can create something extraordinary.

With more than 50 experienced developers, the Beslogic team can seek expertise from outside the company, even from competitors, to deliver the best possible product that will help the organization or project in its mission.


Beslogic wanted to make it simple, and in just a few clicks, by consulting this link, it will be possible to submit an application as well as a short video presenting the company or the organization, the mission and how it contributes to make our world a better place. And the wildest dreams are allowed; Beslogic will work with the Quebec technology ecosystem to find a way to meet the challenge together! The deadline to highlight a project is midnight on January 31. https://www.innoverpourlhumani...


Founded in 2008, Beslogic is a Montreal-based SME specializing in custom software development and artificial intelligence for businesses of all sizes. Beslogic's open culture encourages the free flow of ideas and promotes creativity and innovation. Expertise and collaboration are at the very heart of the company's business model, which has been growing rapidly in recent years. More than fifty committed developers contribute daily to the deployment and success of several large-scale projects.

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