Research & investigation tool


ARI is an embedded on premise AI platform. Through proprietary AI and NLP technologies, ARI delivers real-time, secure, compliant and accelerated document search insights from a broad array of public and private file sources –without the fear of compromising and exposing your data to the world. 

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video game


Wildfire is a third person game where you engage in aerial firefighting.

All profits of this game will be donated to the Red Cross Foundation.

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HR Management tool


Empassion is a human-centered solution that allows you to visualize the drivers of engagement among the members of your organization. so that you can build a more joyful, engaged, and productive workforce.

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Microsoft Teams plugin


Encryptio is a Microsoft Teams plugin designed to provide encryption and decryption capabilities for various types of files, which is a crucial security measure that protects sensitive data by converting it into an unreadable format that can only be deciphered with the right decryption key.

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Customer service management tool


Outstanding customer service keeps clients returning, boosting sales and profits. Reliable data is essential for consistently great service. ExperienceStream is the solution: a dynamic program that collects and analyzes feedback, ensuring satisfied customers without guesswork.

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