A Complete Support and Training Service to Drive Prosol's Digital Transformation

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A Complete Support and Training Service to Drive Prosol's Digital Transformation


Develop a customer portal and train teams to integrate new technologies and apply software development best practices


Efficient teams and better management of slack and code leading to impactful results

Required Expertises


Prosol is a company offering flooring services and solutions. A few years ago, the client contacted Beslogic to update some of its internal technologies and train its teams on software development best practices. The customer also asked Beslogic to develop an ERP integrated customer portal, where the old system had to communicate with the new one using an API.

Initially, our experts conducted a technology monitoring service of the software used by Prosol in order to propose more modern solutions that better meet its business needs. Subsequently, the Prosol teams were trained by Beslogic to ensure proper management of the code and its versions through workshops on programming and CI (Continuous Integration) best practices to be implemented to ensure the success of the client's digital transformation.


This project solicited Beslogic's expertise in co-development and, above all, in training to ensure Prosol's progress in the technological universe. Once the architecture was revisited and the mandate completed, the client now had all the tools and knowledge necessary to continue to improve its code and version management.

At Beslogic, knowledge transfer is at the heart of our business model. That's why our teams are dedicated to helping other companies adopt best practices and ensure the success of their digital transformation.

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