A Transactional Platform for Booking Cardio-cycling Classes

Manufacturing and Retail

A Transactional Platform for Booking Cardio-cycling Classes


To develop a web application that allows for online booking and payment of cardio-cycling sessions


A web application that streamlines Cycle St-Onge's operations and simplifies the booking process for their clients

Required Expertises


Cycle St-Onge, a retail and bike sales business, launched a cardio-cycling program for its clients. With processes previously done manually, the client contacted Beslogic to simplify and automate the booking and payment processes completely online.

The Beslogic team proposed the development of a web application that allows clients to coordinate cardio-cycling sessions and make payments for classes entirely online. The software product resulted in better management of time slots for sessions and class attendance, tracking of cancellations and make-up classes, and management of the waiting list and trainer schedules.

Our experts were able to provide an efficient and user-friendly turnkey solution for Cycle St-Onge's clients, who appreciated the online platform.


The application was launched after approximately six months and was still in use by Cycle St-Onge and their clients until the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our client expressed high satisfaction with the application, which revolutionized their operations and increased the satisfaction levels of their employees and clients.

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