Attitude: An Automation System for the Processes of an Online Business

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Attitude: An Automation System for the Processes of an Online Business


Automating all processes of an online business from the shopping cart to the packaging and shipping


Fast and efficient systematization of online orders for Attitude

Required Expertises


Attitude is an e-commerce company selling eco-friendly cleaning and beauty products. The client approached us to find a technological solution that could help them automate their sales processes: from shopping cart, to packaging and shipping of their products.   

Beslogic suggested Attitude to integrate automated processes into their transactional website to simplify the flow of their operations.

As soon as an order is placed by a customer, Attitude receives a new notification with the order information, such as the quantity of products, their dimensions and weights, sent to a web server. 

Using an algorithm, instructions and a slip of the order are then provided to the packing center so that the selected items can be prepared and placed in efficiently for delivery. This reduces the risk of breakage during transport.   

Then, through an API connection, shipments are scheduled with a shipping company to plan a pickup and provide a tracking number for the packages. As soon as the orders leave the shipping center, an alert is sent to the customer to inform them that their package is now being delivered, and they can track the package's locations, in real time.  


This automation system connected to the shopping cart took about nine months to develop. The customer is satisfied with the result and with the improvement of its processes, which are now optimized, faster and more efficient. The client also has access to a web interface that allows him to track all packaging, order preparation and delivery operations to ensure customer satisfaction.  

This online order systematization mandate was another success for Beslogic and Attitude!

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