Brent & Audrey: A Web Application for Real Estate Valuation Management

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Brent & Audrey: A Web Application for Real Estate Valuation Management


Developing a web application that centralizes and simplifies the management of furniture inventories to optimize real estate staging operations


A powerful and mobile tool that allows the monitoring and coordination of staging projects

Required Expertises


Brent and Audrey, a staging company, needed a web-based and mobile-friendly application to centralize their furniture database and coordinate their on-going projects with various suppliers such as movers.

Beslogic's team suggested to the client to develop a mobile application that would include a centralized furniture inventory, a pre-designed room template, a client list, an address book and a search tab, all to meet Brent and Audrey's business needs.

The initial goal of this application is to be able to manage and track inventory in real time to quickly and efficiently distribute available materials to different properties. In addition, Beslogic's experts even developed a search tab for Brent and Audrey that allows them to search their inventory by keyword, as well as having the ability to search by asset size, depending on the needs of the room.


It took our team of experts a few months to complete this technological project, and even today, Brent and Audrey still rely on this software to support their operations. The custom-developed application simplifies inventory management and tracking, as well as optimizing business processes, allowing the client to realize significant time and cost savings for better performance.

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