Purkinje: A Training Program for a Successful Digital Transition

Health and Care

Purkinje: A Training Program for a Successful Digital Transition


Train Purkinje's teams on more modern programming languages to ensure an optimal transition from Delphi to C#


An optimized code base for a medical report data digitization software

Required Expertises


Purkinje is a company offering ERP software to healthcare institutions for the optimization of patient records. A few years ago, the client turned to Beslogic's expertise as he needed to modernize their processes. Purkinje wanted to migrate from Delphi to C# in order to optimize the digitization of medical reports.

Our experts took charge of restructuring Purkinje's system architecture, in addition to teaching best practices to the company's software development teams.


The mandate with Purkinje was quite simple, but above all, it was oriented towards training activities to transmit to its teams all the knowledge necessary to exploit C# in order to ensure a successful digital transition. It took about 3 months to train the teams and equip them with the most modern programming languages. Purkinje now benefits from a code base optimized by technologies and software infrastructures that allow them to offer healthcare institutions a high-performance tool for document digitization.

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