Releese: A Web Application for Centralizing and Publishing Audio Content


Releese: A Web Application for Centralizing and Publishing Audio Content


Develop a web application for a centralized platform for artists to publish their audio content and manage their clients and royalties


The application was successfully launched and is fully functional for its users in the music industry

Required Expertises


The client consulted us for help in deploying their ambitious project. Having a solid business plan already in hand, and armed with good background knowledge, our client entrusted us with his dream to make it a reality.

Releese is a web application that allows artists to centralize their audio content and data, as well as offer features that allow for royalty and client management. Having worked in the music industry for quite some time, the client's mission was to simplify the process for artists since the existing systems have many complexities.

Beslogic's expertise in cybersecurity and software development was called upon to implement the project, while providing guidance to the client to ensure that the Releese platform met the highest standards in terms of cybersecurity and integrity for artists.



It took about six months to officially release the application to users. While the project is still being optimized, the centralized system is up and running for artists, and the launch was a success!

We look forward to the next phase of this exciting project! Once again, our team of experts has met the Releese mission with flying colors! Ready to entrust us with your dream? Make an appointment now!

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