Urgento: A Mobile Application of the Highest Reliability for First Responders

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Urgento: A Mobile Application of the Highest Reliability for First Responders


Develop a mobile application for first responders


A reliable and easy to use application to send emergency alerts to first responders

Required Expertises


RbSoft approached Beslogic many years ago with the goal of making some fixes to its mobile emergency alert application for first responders. This application was initially intended to replace the pagers with more modern methods. The project was divided into two phases.

First, Beslogic was asked to optimize the Urgento application by integrating new technologies to make it as reliable as possible, as this is an essential parameter for emergency services. With the expertise of our experts, an alert system was integrated into the software so that first responders would receive notifications on their cell phones quickly, no matter what mode the phone was in.

A few years later, RbSoft contacted our team again to completely update the application. Beslogic contributed to the modernization of the application in terms of design and user experience, in addition to integrating, once again, new technologies and a cross-platform framework. Optimizing the code allowed us to centralize it instead of managing it on three different platforms. The only challenge in this mandate was to ensure the integration of the application on IOS, as it has several limitations in its code, but the Beslogic team was able to meet the mission.


In the end, this two-phase project was completed over a period of nearly eight years. The application is ready for use and optimized to serve first responders well, while being very reliable. The client's objectives were met as the alerts have a faster response rate and the application is easy to use. Since then, Beslogic has been maintaining the software diligently to ensure the application's performance.

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