WebGen 200: A Secure Mobile Application for Natural Resource Exploitation

Natural ressources exploitation

WebGen 200: A Secure Mobile Application for Natural Resource Exploitation


Develop a mobile application to allow mine workers to remotely trigger detonators.


A powerful and optimized application for network speed testing devices

Required Expertises


Orica, our client in the natural resources sector, needed a user interface (UI) to use their new wireless detonator technology tool.

After consultation, Beslogic proposed to the client to develop an application integrated into a mobile tablet so that mine workers could program, diagnose the signal range and safely activate the wireless detonators.

Of course, the project itself was complex. The team had to be able to provide workers with an application that was easy to use and compatible with small mobile devices, such as tablet computers, and that met the highest safety standards. Since the handling of explosives is extremely dangerous, the margin of risk had to be minimized, if not eliminated, since an improperly programmed device can compromise the safety and lives of workers.

For this mandate, Beslogic deployed its expertise in mobile application development and systems integration via agile methodology to ensure the smooth running and monitoring of this project.


The WEBGEN 200 project has been underway for more than three years now, and the mobile application is now completed and available for Orica in BETA mode, so its use is controlled until all project parameters are fully completed.

WEBGEN 200 meets security standards and user interface (UI) expectations with flying colors. Workers are left with a simple, user-friendly interface that allows them to operate efficiently. The client is very satisfied with the results, as it is now possible to program the detonators in less than seven seconds, while guaranteeing the safety of the workers on the mine sites.

And it's another innovative mission that Beslogic has accomplished with flying colors! Do you have a technology project in mind? Talk to our experts today!

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